Research Working Group Cancer Nursing Priorities Study Launch

06 July 2023

The European Oncology Nursing Society Research Working Group are currently undertaking a research study to determine priorities for cancer nursing research over the next five years. 

This study will help to ensure that future cancer nursing research projects are focused on the issues that are most important to ensure high quality cancer care delivery to people who are living with and after cancer.

You can take part in this study if you are

  • a cancer nurse living and working in a WHO Europe Country,
  • a health professional, academic or policymaker involved in cancer nursing research, leadership or governance in a WHO Europe Country.

If you agree to participate in the questionnaires, you will be sent three questionnaires by email or post every 2-4 weeks between June and September 2023. The reason for having 3 rounds is to build agreement on the research topics which should be prioritised in cancer nursing research. Each questionnaire will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes to complete. To protect your identity you will be asked to self-select an identifier. This identifier will be used to ensure your responses remain confidential and to enable us to link each round of the survey throughout the duration of the project.

For more information, and to participate in the study, please see the participant information leaflet here: